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Packing for New Orleans

Well….usually we would say to bring short sleeves and a jacket or two….but the weather is throwing the whole country for a loop.  Make sure that you do bring layers.  Comfortable walking shoes are a must. And don’t forget that an umbrella or rain coat can come in handy.  See you in a few…..


Jazzy Pass

Jazzy Pass

Forget about bills and coins. Get in tune with the rhythm of New Orleans. Dip your Jazzy Pass into the fare machine on any RTA bus or streetcar, and you’re on your way. The Jazzy Pass is a card with a magnetic strip that lets you ride RTA buses and streetcars as much as you’d like during the period it is active.

You don’t need exact change.
You don’t need transfers.
Board quickly and find your seat.
Hop on and off buses and streetcars whenever you wish.
Save money when you ride a lot.
Feel like a local (whether you are one or not)

3 day Jazzy Pas available at Walgreens 1801 St. Charles $9

A “transit day” on the RTA system ends at 4 a.m. So no matter what time of day you activate your Jazzy Pass, it will stop working at 4 a.m. on the following morning.

Streetcars run 24 hours a day.

Nola Doubloon Historical Walking Tours of New Orleans

DOUBLOON welcomes the Council of Councils to

“Voodoo on the Bayou”

We offer historical walking tours of New Orleans


preserve and restore our unique heritage.

Tour with us and SHARE THE TREASURES:


French Quarter walking tour (9:30 am; 3:00 pm)

Garden District walking tour (12:30 pm)

City of the Dead walking tour (St. Louis Cemetery #1) (9:30 am)

Ghosts and Spirits walking tour (in French Quarter) (6:30 pm)



$20/person (that’s a $5 discount), 12 people minimum

$15/child (6-12 years)

(Fewer than 12: standard rate of $25/person applies)

Cash and credit cards accepted.

Please contact Michael directly to schedule group tours.

(504) 491-2669

Ever get lucky? I hope I do!

We are excited to announce that we will have a Silent Auction and a Key Auction during our Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball on Saturday night.  Items have been generously donated by vanners across North America.
Items include: Vintage Nats tee shirts, a VCVC quilt, and a FREE entry into the 42nd Nats to be held in Greenwich, NY, July 16-20, 2014.

Voodoo Spirit Run!

Voodoo City Vans’

Voodoo Spirit Run!

A wide variety of beer, spirits, mixers, soft drinks, snacks, & water will available to order.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday

11a delivery.

Orders must be placed by 6pm the day before.

Orders taken/placed in the Hospitality Suite in the Audubon Room.

$5 delivery fee on each order up to $50.

Cash only.

 Thank you for supporting the Council of Councils 2014!!