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Rooms are going fast!

We had an update with the hotel today and rooms are going fast!  If you haven’t registered at the Maison St. Charles yet, please do so soon!  Contact Kelsey via mail (click her name) in order to make your reservation.  You can also call (504.522.0187 ext. 261) and ask to speak to the sales office if that’s easier….can’t wait to see you in New Orleans, February 22-25, 2018, at Voodoo on the Bayou 2: Romp in the Swamp!

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Single Queen Rooms

We have a limited number of single queen rooms newly available. I’m not sure how many there are or how fast they will go.  If you’re traveling solo, it’s probably a good choice. If a you’re a couple, I’d go with the Standard King or Double Queen. Any questions, email Amie .

Room availability update! 3.20.17

Hotel Reservations are open! Vanessa is in the sales office today and able to take reservations. 504.522.0187. We still have Standard King, Double Queen and 1 King Suite available. We are working with the sales office to have more of the Single Queens released. Stay tuned!

CofC Registration

The CofC Registration tab on this site is now active.  If you click the tab above, it will take you to a form allowing  ALL vanners attending the CofC 2018 in New Orleans to register (not just the council reps….council reps will fill out another form from the CofC Board). You only need to fill it out once (unless things change)! This information will help Smiley and I prepare a fantastic Evant for you!  

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Hotel Information

You can start planning your stay by clicking the reservation protocol link below!

Reservation Information

Reservation Instructions

Reservation instructions will be released on this website on Friday, March 17, 2017.  

Hotel Reservation Update 3.14.17

Well, we had planned to open up reservations at our hotel this week, but Smiley and I feel that due to Winter Storm Stella that the Vintage Chevy Van Council should delay opening up the general reservation block for the 2018 CofC. We will continue to monitor the weather and then let you all know when we expect to start taking reservations.  This website, as well as our Facebook page Voodoo on the Bayou 2are the best places to get updated information.

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Hotel update 3.7.17

I meet with the hotel today and they are almost ready to start taking our general reservations!! Very exciting news!  Please do not call the hotel yet.  They will not be able to take your reservation.  Once our room block has been activated, the sales department will let me know.  At that time, Smiley and I will let all of your know!  I’ve been assured that they should be ready some time next week….they are transitioning to a new reservations system for group events and are still working a few bugs out.  Our block is secure….we are just not able to book it yet.  Thank you so much for your patience!

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Updated info on CofC2018

Just a quick update!  Mardi Gras was this past Tuesday and the city is still filled with guest….so…..stay tuned! We are meeting with the hotel next Tuesday and should have the reservation kick off date settled by then. The hotel is instituting a new reservation system and it seems that we have gotten caught in the middle of the transition. We remember how quickly our hotel sold out last time so we just want to make sure that everything goes as well as planned. Thank you for your patience. 

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