Discounted WWII Museum Tickets

The National World War II Museum is the #2 museum in the WORLD and the #1 attraction in New Orleans.  It should be on your DO NOT MISS list…even before Bourbon Street (nope, I’m not joking).

We’ve got some great group rates….$5 off the walk in price. Tickets will need to be pre sold to get the discount (worth it, imho).

The tickets we purchase will be good for the length of our event (Sunday, February 18-Sunday 25) and can be used on whichever single day you choose.  The WWII Museum is walking distance from the hotel.  You can choose to see the Museum only; Museum + Beyond All Boundaries OR Final Mission: USS Tang; or Museum + Beyond All Boundaries & Final Mission: USS Tang.  (I’m not sure if it’s possible to really do all 3 things in one day. I think there is an option to extend your visit to include a 2nd day…you would need to do this before you leave the museum.)  Most people will choose Museum +1. If you are going to see the Beyond All Boundaries 4D Experience, please be sure to schedule your viewing time as soon as you get to the Museum as it often sells out.

WWII Veterans: Free
Museum only~ Adult: $25       Senior (65+): $20    Student $15.50         Military: $16.50                                                                                        Museum + 1 ~  Adult: $30       Senior (65+): $25.50   Student $20.50      Military: $21.50                                                                                    Museum + 2 ~  Adult: $35       Senior (65+): $30.50   Student $25.50      Military: $26.50

Email me for more information or if interested in this activity.

To pay for tickets:

or contact Amie for PayPal info.



Discounted Airport Shuttle Info

Discount Airport Shuttle Information (click here)  


  • Discounted Airport Transportation Round Trip $40 per person | One Way $20 per person
  • Shuttle provided by Airport Shuttle
  • Official airport/hotel shared ride shuttle reservations must be made on this website at least 24 hours prior to your flight arrival time.


Whatcha get with a wristband?

We are excited to announce that along with entrance to both parties, you will also be able to get Happy Hour drink discounts and small plates discount at the hotel restaurant, Mr. Ed’s Oyster Bar & Fish House!!

Why else is this important?

Well, for one, during our parties, the restaurant will be providing our bar service (right down the hall next to the Salon)…and with the wristband, you get the discounts beginning at 3p-midnight on Friday & Saturday.  For another, it will designate to the hotel and security that YOU are a part of our group.

For more information, click the link before or the Wristband tab in our site menu.


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 10.11.56 AM

Wristband can be picked up in Audubon Room at the hotel starting at noon on Wednesday.

You can prepay for your wristband using Venmo ( or PayPal!  If you would like to use PayPal, talk to Amie!

7 days to go~already?

After a whole year, it’s hard to believe that in 7 days we officially start Council!  We can’t wait!!  See you in New Orleans!

Amie & SmileyJoel Cangiolosi - voodoo18revised

Happy Mardi Gras 2018!

Have a very Happy Mardi Gras!


Hotel Cancellation Policy Reminder

Things happen. We know it. We don’t want them to happen, but sometimes they do.  Just a friendly reminder that the hotel has a 72 hour cancellation policy. If you think you won’t make it or on the fence about coming, please decide prior to 72 hours before arrival or else you won’t get your deposit back!

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Rum, anyone?

In 1995, when they got their distiller’s license, no one else in the Continental US was making rum. Today Old New Orleans Rum produce the highest rated rum in America.

Using only locally-sourced Louisiana sugar cane, the rum is aged in charred American White Oak casks that formerly produced fine bourbons, whiskies and Sherries.


Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 10.23.06 AM

Guess who’s coming to dinner…um, I mean Council!

Check out our new “who’s coming”page on the official Council website!  We’ve culled names from reservations, registration forms and from people mentioning that they’re coming. It’s not everyone, but we’ve tried our best!

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 8.19.26 PM

Meet & Greet/Registration/Goodie Bags

Attention Council Reps and Council Attendees: The hospitality suite will be housed in the Audubon Room at the hotel…opening on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at Noon (vanner time).  Come on by to register for tours, pick up your goodie bags, bibles and wristbands! We are planning on early registration for those arriving Sunday-Tuesday…if you’re coming in Sunday-Tuesday, check your email….I’ve sent everyone who’s preregistered an email with info!

If you want World War II Museum tickets at the group rate and want to use them Monday-Wednesday, you need to contact Amie asap.

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2nd Pub Crawl – 3 spots available

We have 3 spots available on our 2nd private Vanner French Quarter Pub Crawl.  This pub crawl is $25 per person and will leave from the 723 St. Peter Street in the French Quarter at 6pm.  For more information, please contact Amie.

Pub Crawl